Loss of strands is a problem that puzzles many women who care about the beauty of their hair. The advice of a trichologist for hair loss usually lies in an integrated approach to solving the problem. But first you should assess the possible causes of such anxiety and try to eliminate them. If the factors are beyond your control, the trichologist, a specialist in hair health, will tell you the best treatment options.

Intensive hair loss
Despite the fact that there are certain norms of hair loss per day, doctors do not advise to panic as soon as you find an overabundance on pillows or a comb. Causes may be temporary:

catarrhal diseases and their complications;
hormonal disorders associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstrual cycle;
low calorie diet;
Such factors will sooner or later lose their influence on the body. At this time, hair is usually maintained with vitamins, especially during pregnancy. What to drink, it is better to decide together with the observing gynecologist. In all other cases, it is advised to choose special complexes for hair and nails. Such vitamins contain concentrated doses of the most significant elements specifically for growth and strengthening of horn formations, improvement of capillary blood circulation and nutrition of cells.

More serious reasons trichologists call the following:

changes in hormonal levels associated with disorders in the endocrine system;
serious diseases of a chronic nature, including oncology;
treatment of cancer and serious diseases;
regular thermocoupling, which wears hair and leads to their loss;
negative impact of natural factors, polluted environment, etc.
If you do not bring the complications of such phenomena to baldness, a number of measures will help restore the bulbs, hair shafts, as well as the scalp. Sometimes it is enough just to take vitamins and make caring masks. In the case of a serious loss of strands, only a specialist can advise something: trichologist.

What to do with hair loss
In case of hair loss, the trichologist will first of all advise to be examined in order to identify the real reason for the loss of strands. Based on the analyzes, the specialist will be able to draw any conclusions and prescribe drugs: both vitamin and complex or directional. Perhaps the trichologist will send you to see other specialists if you suspect the causes of baldness in diseases of the internal organs and systems.

In addition to medical treatment, the doctor will recommend other ways to combat hair loss:

care with active masks and detergents;
hardware: vacuum massage, microcurrent therapy to improve circulation in the epidermis, to strengthen and nourish the follicles;
laser treatment.
Of course, there are no universal methods, the selection of such methods depends on the causes and degree of baldness. The best way in all cases is prevention.

How to care for hair
For the prevention of intensive hair loss in women, namely those who are more concerned about this problem than men, trichologists recommend following simple tips.

Choose outdoor products that are rich in vitamins and microelements.
Take care masks once a week. Do not neglect homemade compositions with honey, kefir, brandy, mustard, vegetable and essential oils.
Take vitamins and inside during especially “poor” fruit and vegetables seasons.
Comb curls several times a day to massage the scalp. Choose combs from natural materials such as wood. Useful would be a similar procedure before bedtime.
It should not be every day to wash their strands, it harms their condition.
Select shampoos according to the type of your curls, as well as for frequent washing: they are soft and safe.
Enrich the store with essential oils and vitamins.
Cover your hair when you go out in the cold or excessive heat.
Avoid painting hair aggressive means.
Lead a healthy lifestyle.
Of course, we often neglect such advice, with a wave of our hands, especially if by nature curls are beautiful and healthy. But their condition can change very quickly, so it is better to spend a little time in advance on maintaining your health than a lot of money, effort and time to restore your hair.


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