In home cosmetology, the leading positions in the severity of the cosmetic effect are vegetable oils – castor , olive , almond and several others. Avocado oil for hair is also highly valued by women, and its use is not limited to caring for overdried strands.

The effect of avocado oil on hair
The use of ripe avocado as a cosmetic has been practiced for more than one hundred years. These fruits were known to the Aztecs. The ongoing research and positive reviews help to understand that the effectiveness of avocado oil is not exaggerated. This product contains components that are able to penetrate the skin cells, carrying with it beneficial substances.

Valuable chemical elements and high nutritional qualities of the product provide the effectiveness of its use to restore the excised ends, to improve the condition of weakened or improperly colored hair. Unrefined avocado cosmetic oil has a greenish tint and is used in cosmetology as a catalyst for hair growth, a means to strengthen them, restore dry and brittle tips. It is produced by pressing out from the pre-dried pulp of the fruit.

The composition of the product includes a large amount of vitamins, and therefore the use of this product or masks based on it allows you to protect strands from negative factors acting from the outside. Nutritious masks based on fresh and natural avocado oil – a real salvation for hair in hot summer days and in very windy weather.

Best Homemade Recipes
If you systematically use avocado oil for the hair to prepare a wide variety of masks, you can achieve a noticeable and pronounced growth of strands, restore fragile tips, increase the natural shine and elasticity. Its use is justified as a base product. In other words, the introduction of oil into the composition of the masks provides an improvement in the transport of all nutrients to the skin cells, the bulb and the hair shaft.

For split ends

The ideal solution for improving the condition of loose strands and split ends is considered an oil wrap. For such a nourishing mask, avocado oil needs to be slightly warmed up and applied along the entire length of dry curls. After that, wrap the hair in plastic and heat the top. Wash off the mask after 30 minutes using shampoo. It is recommended to practice this wrap up to three times in ten days. A noticeable improvement in the state of the tips and the strands themselves begin to appear after about 8-15 procedures.

To restore the
recipe is used to enhance nutrition and hair treatment. This mask receives positive reviews from women seeking recipes to restore elasticity of weakened by frequent coloring and curls of curls. Four spoons of avocado oil should be slightly warmed in a water bath. Then to this basis add a spoon of vitamins E and A, 2 drops of fragrant oils of chamomile, grapefruit and ylang-ylang. Before use, all components must be mixed well, ensuring uniformity of the resulting mass. After application to the hair mask is closed with a warming cap, wash off after 30 minutes. The general course of using this recipe is at least 15 sessions.
For damaged hair, a
spoonful of avocado oil should be mixed with an equal volume of burdock, then two tablespoons of lemon juice is poured into the mixture. After applying the mask on the strands, you need to stand under a warming cap for about 40 minutes and rinse.
For weakened hair
Two spoons of warmed base product must be mixed with a spoon of olive oil and one beaten egg yolk. Then you need to add five drops of rosemary essential oil, mix. It is recommended that this mask be applied to the hair once every few days for 30 minutes before the main shampooing.
Avocado oil can be added to the shampoo, while increasing the softness of the hair and improving their growth. In order to achieve a noticeable effect, you will need 10 ml of natural product per 100 ml of shampoo.

Masks with a base of avocado oil will undoubtedly benefit if used regularly and in accordance with the recipe.


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