Egg mask for hair , widely used by many girls, is considered one of the easiest ways to restore health to problem locks. An egg is good for our health, and this is known, perhaps, by everyone. It will bring a lot of benefits even when an effective treatment is needed for hair damaged by improper care. Egg hair masks provide them with all the components necessary for nourishment and hydration, restore elasticity and strength, give a beautiful shine. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews of those who have found a beautiful and attractive hair with the help of simple egg mask recipes.

The secret of egg masks
The pronounced use of masks from chicken eggs is dictated by its microelements, each of which is well absorbed both by the skin cells and by the hair itself. It includes:

vitamins of group B, vitamins A and D – nourish the bulb and hair shaft along the entire length;
iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium – increase biochemical processes, preventing and eliminating the problem of hair loss;
amino acids – protect from aggressive external factors;
Lecithin – gently moisturizes the curls, strengthens the roots and activates hair growth.
If you regularly take care of your hair with egg masks, they will become obedient and attractive. But so that home care with the use of eggs brings you only positive emotions, listen to the advice of professionals. Then the desired result will not take long.

Hair treatment using eggs
For the preparation of masks you can use both chicken and quail eggs. For girls who are prone to allergies to chicken eggs, only quail are suitable – they do not cause adverse body reactions. All egg hair masks are prepared according to the following rules:

For the preparation of mixtures do not need to use too cold eggs.
Apply the prepared mixture to dry strands.
It is recommended not only to distribute the mixture evenly through the hair, but also to rub it into the roots.
The effect will be more pronounced if after applying a warming cap on the head.
Egg masks are kept on the hair for at least 30 minutes, then washed off with shampoo, you can also rinse your head with acidified water.
Do not use too hot water – the protein is curtailed and it will be difficult to wash it out of the hair.
Care will be complete if you make a mask once every ten days for two months.

If you follow all the suggested recommendations, you can see amazing results after a while. For a more pronounced effect, components that enhance the microcirculation of blood in the vessels of the scalp can be added to the composition of egg masks. These include, for example, brandy, mustard, or red pepper.

Simple homemade recipes
Hair treatment is carried out, focusing on the existing problems. Keep this in mind when choosing a suitable recipe.

With honey A
raw egg must be whipped well and mixed with one tablespoon of melted honey. Constant use of this mask will allow you to achieve the desired thickness of the hair and make them smooth.
With butter, the
Egg is whipped and mixed with a spoon of olive, castor or burdock oil. This composition is used if it is necessary to halt the process of hair loss and to increase their growth.
With kefir
Kefir blend suitable for oily hair. Egg white is whipped and mixed with half a glass of kefir. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the hair roots. In this recipe, chicken egg replacement with quail is acceptable.
With cognac, a
raw egg is whipped, after which one large spoonful of brandy and a small spoon of melted honey are added to it. Cognac increases blood circulation, and honey, yolk and protein nourish the hair roots. The combined effect of these components allows you to get rid of unnecessary loss of strands. This mixture also has good nutritional properties.

With mustard
A teaspoon of dry mustard must be diluted into a slurry and mixed with a spoon of kefir and one egg. This composition is recommended to give volume to thin hair or when it is necessary to strengthen it quickly.
With cocoa,
dilute the spoon of dry cocoa with water, add one yolk and a spoonful of olive oil. After such a mask, the hair becomes not only shiny, but also an interesting chocolate shade.
With onion juice
Two quail eggs should be mixed with the juice of one onion. To rub the prepared composition into the hair roots is necessary for their pronounced damage.
With gelatin
Gelatin is diluted with water and left to swell, then add whipped protein to it and then yolk. The mask helps from the loss of strands, and after several such procedures, you can achieve a visible effect of lamination of the hair.
With mayonnaise The
whipped yolk should be mixed with a tablespoon of fatty mayonnaise. This recipe is used for dry curls – it allows you to enhance the nutrition of the bulbs and stop the process of falling out. The effect will increase if you use quail eggs.
With vodka
Protein should be whipped and mixed with a tablespoon of vodka (it is permissible to replace it with brandy). After that, a spoonful of melted honey is added to the mixture. This mask is most effective for oily hair.
Masks based on chicken eggs can, with proper use, make hair thick, healthy and docile. Reviews of girls who tried the recipes with him in practice, eloquently indicate that this effect is not often seen even after expensive salon procedures.


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