The loss of individual hairs is a normal phenomenon when the number of units dropped out per day does not exceed 100. In this case, determination of the cause of hair loss in women is not required, as well as the treatment then is not mandatory, because 15% of the entire hair is constantly changing. But sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that strands are thinning right before our eyes. In this situation, it is necessary to diagnose and take effective measures.

The main causes of hair loss

There are a lot of sources of the problem, because strong hair loss can provoke a variety of reasons for women:

frequent use of hair dryer, as well as active styling products;
curling and coloring curls with the help of chemicals;
chronic illness and serious medical treatment;
hormonal disorders, including in women during and after pregnancy, breastfeeding;
deficiency of vitamins and trace elements;
effects of stress, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep;
the use of a stiff comb, unsuitable means for washing, styling, caring for curls.
These are not all common causes of hair loss, because overcooling, overheating, and head injuries and fright can lead to active loss of strands. Such situational consequences in women are easy to correct, but trichology, of course, hardly diagnoses such sources of the problem. It is more difficult to save the hair as a result of baldness due to serious hormonal disruptions: then you need to treat not only the scalp and hair follicles, but also the entire body. In any case, before treatment, the first step is to study the cause of hair loss.

Treatment of ailment

Hair loss in women treatment often requires fairly simple, but regular. This is a high-quality care, masks for strengthening and healing of follicles and hair rods, taking vitamin complexes. It is important to choose the right scheme, and it is possible to treat curls at home.

  • Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are the reasons that cause quite intense hair loss in women, but after about a year the condition of the female body stabilizes and the strands recover. If this does not happen, you need to contact the doctor who will prescribe a course of the most appropriate treatment.
  • If strong hair loss in women began due to seborrheic dermatitis, then it is necessary to first treat the fungus that caused the disease, and only then draw conclusions about the condition of the scalp and hair in general. It should be understood that folk remedies are rather difficult to cure in women, therefore special shampoos are used in combination with zinc compound and ketoconazole.
  • Long-term diets of women, poor nutrition – not less common causes of hair loss, as well as pregnancy, as well as stress. In this case, the loss of strands can be stopped by taking vitamin complexes and gentle hair care. Such treatment is always carried out at home, the main thing is to comply with the care regimen and doctor’s recommendations.
  • Damage to the hair and scalp as a result of the mechanical action of a comb, hairdryer or weather conditions is easily eliminated by folk remedies and gentle care for the hair. These are quite common causes of baldness in women who do not require special treatment.

Obviously, you need to begin treatment with a search for the cause and its removal. Next, stop the hair loss will help special tools and neat care at home.

When drug treatment is needed
When baldness of varying intensity trichologists recommend to undergo a full examination to exclude a number of very unpleasant diseases. The results of the research will show whether you need to use medicines or you can get by with traditional treatment.

So, with androgenic alopecia, prescribed preparations containing minoxidil. Such drugs and shampoos, such as Alerana, Kosilon, Revasil, Generolon, Regain, and others can increase the growth of strands, restore lost locks. But, according to reviews, at the termination of use of medical means the effect of the carried-out course decreases. The reason for this are genetic or hormonal disorders.
When hair loss accompanies the itching of the scalp, it is recommended to be screened for a fungus that can be cured with drugs rather than folk remedies that women use much more often to see a doctor.
Anemia, which often precedes alopecia, is treated with iron supplements, B vitamins.
Treatment methods are different if a woman has diabetes, genital dysfunction, and thyroid disease. With such problems, treatment is a very serious course that only a specialist can prescribe. Here you can not do the care at home to strengthen the scalp, follicles and hair shaft.

Psoriasis and other skin diseases cause itching and hair loss, as they deteriorate the skin condition, which is manifested in its drying out and cracking. Often, such problems are tried to be solved at home by external methods, but this is not enough.
The deterioration of immunity, neurosis, stress, fatigue in women – all this also requires medical intervention. Under such conditions, external means, competent washing of the head help to improve the condition of the hair, but not eliminate their loss. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment together with hair care at home.
Folk remedies
When the main cause of baldness is found, it is possible in parallel with the main treatment, if it is required, to take care of and strengthen the strands, although the woman should do this without finding any problems. Suitable for this means of traditional medicine, which is easy to use at home.

It will be useful to wash your hair with a decoction of nettle. For its preparation, a young plant is taken, poured boiling water, insisted on a water bath and cooled to rinse curls after each swim.
Helps against hair loss for women and castor oil. For use at home it can be heated, doing it exclusively in a water bath. Then the oil is rubbed into the hair roots and wrap the head. It is necessary to hold such a mask for a long time: at least 5 hours, but it should be done no more than once a week.
Abundant hair loss with bulbs – a seal on the ends of the rods – will also help reduce castor oil, but it should be mixed with juice from a single medium bulb and the egg yolk. Apply a mask about three quarters of an hour before washing your head.

Effective in the treatment of hair and lime color. This is a very mild remedy that has a beneficial effect on the scalp, eliminates itching, softens the epidermis. To prepare the broth, take 8 tablespoons of dried linden flowers, pour half a liter of water and boil for 20 minutes. The course of using this tool is one month.
Popular for use at home decoction of herbs such as chamomile, plantain, nettle, sage and oregano. Plants take in equal parts, pour a glass of boiling water at the rate of 1 tbsp. l mixes. From broth need to make mush. To do this, using the soaked pulp of black bread, the liquid is brought to a creamy state. This mask is kept on the head for at least 2 hours.
If you dilute burdock oil and alcohol in equal shares, such a mask can be applied literally every day, but it is only important to do it half an hour before washing the hair. The results of the use of this tool can be seen in a month. The course should be 1-2 months.
Effective for healing hair blend of vegetable oil and one egg yolk. 40 minutes after application, the mask is washed off.
The effectiveness of each product depends on the condition of the head, the root cause of hair loss, and the intensity of hair loss. It can be sufficient to strengthen the scalp, improve its nutrition and restore the structure of the hair shaft. But sometimes you need the help of doctors and medicine courses, so relying only on folk remedies is not worth it. However, in any case, hair care procedures will never be superfluous, whatever the reason for their loss.

In order for the hair to always be healthy, it is important to monitor your diet first, take vitamin complexes, regularly make nourishing and firming masks. Nowadays, when the industry is developing, and the environment is not happy, the condition of the strands deteriorates in every second woman, for which there are no other serious reasons. Therefore, only a careful attitude to the curls and their health can protect against hair loss.


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