Herbs for dry hair – a real panacea. Rinsing and masks with these gifts of nature will moisten the strands, heal them and make them supple for styling.

About the problem
Beautiful, thick and docile hair is not only heredity, but also the result of rational care. Their condition may affect:

frequent dyeing and lightening, perm;
regular use of hair dryer and curling;
wrong shampoo;
abuse of styling products;
wearing synthetic hats;
unhealthy diet and bad habits.
Before using homemade herbal preparations for brittle, unruly hair, you need to find out what factors caused this problem.
In any case, treatment for dry hair should be comprehensive. It is necessary to reconsider a way of life, to give up smoking and drinking. It would not be superfluous to clean the body and drink a special vitamin and mineral complex.

In addition to supplying dry and brittle hair from the inside, it is also important to choose restorative cosmetic preparations. Someone will consider the need to buy branded cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Someone would prefer to use herbs and flowers that grow in temperate climates. It is difficult to say which of these components of home cosmetics are more effective.

Herbs for brittle and dry hair
A long, thick braid was part of the image of a beautiful Slav woman from time immemorial. But a hundred and more years ago, the villagers did not use shampoos with “innovative formulas”. They used infusions of herbs collected in the fields and forests, leaves and buds of trees, dried flowers. Why today not to return to these traditions of care? After all, linden, birch, nettle, coltsfoot, mint, plantain and sage are plants that you can prepare yourself or inexpensively buy in herbal agriculture.

To use herbs for the treatment of dry and brittle hair, experts recommend in the following forms:

decoctions and infusions for rinsing;
alcohol tinctures;
essential oils.

Herbs can be used at all stages of regular hair care.

Hair, including dry, needs regular cleansing. Residents of large cities are forced to wash their hair more often, because their hair is polluted not only with sebum and dust, but also with exhaust gases and emissions from industrial enterprises. To do this, usually use shampoo. It must be appropriate – for dry and brittle hair. Usually this shampoo contains herbal extracts. Unfortunately, its main task is to clean, therefore the natural components in its composition hardly have time to have a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp.
You can use air conditioning for this procedure. And better – infusion of herbs. For dry and brittle hair, linden and birch leaves, chamomile flowers, nettle and thyme are recommended. Two tablespoons of the mixture of herbs is poured with boiling water and boiled for a quarter of an hour, cooled and drained through gauze. Rinse with a decoction of herbs need washed wet strands.
Herbal masks for dry hair perform several functions at the same time: they nourish, restore, heal, and provide protection against adverse external factors. Masks that are suitable for light, dark and colored hair are made from such components: spirit tincture of calendula (1 tsp), 2 egg yolks, burdock oil or linseed oil (2 tablespoons). The effect of this mask for dry hair does not take long to wait if you sustain the mask for at least half an hour. You can also use the following recipe: mix 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and linseed oil with 1 tablespoon of honey, rub the mixture into the scalp half an hour before washing. After using the shampoo, the hair will fall flat and shine.
Care for dry hair with herbs can bring no less benefit than advertised balms and masks.


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