he renewal of strands that occur naturally through their daily loss sometimes develops into a problem when the volume of curls decreases noticeably. How, then, to stop a woman’s hair loss? First you need to understand the reason, because it can be elementary accumulated fatigue or lack of vitamins. But the source of the problem is often serious hormonal changes, as in menopause, for example.

The main causes of hair loss
The most common cause of hair loss is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The deterioration of nutrition usually affects the condition of the strands in spring, when, after winter and due to a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits, the diet becomes rather poor, and the available reserves in the body go to maintain it during the cold period.

Often the cause of hair loss are stressful situations and chronic diseases that sooner or later exhaust the body. And if in chronic diseases it is simply necessary to take care of the curls, in the case of vitamin deficiencies and disorders in the nervous system, you must first eliminate the cause and thereby stop its effect on health. Of course, this does not exclude competent and careful care.

Prevention of hair loss is the reception of complexes containing vitamins D, E and A, as well as selenium and zinc. It is not recommended to use aggressive agents for dyeing curls. For washing you need to choose safe shampoos. Masks should be regularly made to help improve nutrition and hydration of hair on the head, strengthen the roots and restore the structure of the rod. You can use special medical or folk remedies for loss.

Recommendations trichologist
According to statistics, one person out of ten addresses a doctor with the problem of hair loss. Most take the situation for granted or temporary phenomenon, losing strands more and more. But it should be understood that if you start treatment quickly: as soon as the number of hairs falling out daily increases noticeably, you can still restore the follicles and return at least part of the hair.

Most often, people are looking for the answer, how to stop hair loss at home, without going to the doctor. Specialists dealing with the problems of hair and scalp do not believe in the effectiveness of treatment with folk remedies, therefore, most often they prescribe a medication course or specialized enhanced care for curls. But the bulk of the recipes still help to improve the condition of the strands and scalp, although it does not eliminate the main cause of loss.

Folk recipes for hair care
The recipes for eliminating hair loss use components that primarily increase blood circulation in the scalp, only in this case the nutrition of the hair shaft and epidermis can be improved, since all trace elements are delivered with blood. Some of them are absorbed from the means for washing and masks, which are also used to care for curls.

The following remedies will be effective in combating hair loss.

For rubbing into the roots of the strands, serum is prepared from cognac and burdock broth in a ratio of 1 to 6. To this mixture add 4 parts of onion juice. Apply the remedy twice a week.
Hair loss due to dry seborrhea can be stopped by rubbing salt into the scalp. To do this, first curls washed with warm water, rubbed salt, leave it for a quarter of an hour, and then washed off with warm water.
Stop the loss of strands tincture Sophora will help. 100 g of these fruits pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist for three weeks. Prepare the solution with grease head twice a week.

The infusion of chagi and red chilli helps to significantly improve blood circulation. On the basis of chaga preparing means “Befungin”, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Infusion of pepper can be prepared at home: it is poured with alcohol in the ratio of 1 to 10. Insist the pepper for one week, then diluted with water in a volume similar to the amount of alcohol.
The mask from onion peels and oak bark helps stop the strands from falling out. They are mixed in equal proportions and boiled in a liter of water for 60 minutes. After straining the broth, black bread is added to it to make a mushy consistency. On the head mask is applied in the form of heat. The composition is left on the hair for 1-2 hours, all this time should be kept warm. To do this, put on a hat and wrap up the head.
At all times, people used aloe, which is applicable in solving problems with hair loss. In order to be effective from this plant, it is necessary to stabilize its juice, because useful substances quickly evaporate from the squeeze of freshly cut leaves. So, the leaves are wrapped in paper and left in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Use only the dense green parts of the plant, which squeeze the juice. Its pure form should be rubbed into the scalp.
Hormonal causes of hair loss
Often the question arises how to stop hair loss in women with hormonal disorders, in particular, with menopause, age-related changes, etc. The problem often arises not only because of natural hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, menopause, but also as a result of hormonal treatment, taking contraceptive drugs, the development of serious diseases of the endocrine system. If, after giving birth, to stop the strands falling out is quite possible with the usual high-quality care and the natural restoration of hormonal levels, then other reasons are not so easily resolved. It was then that without the help of a specialist can not do.

One of the most common causes of baldness with menopause is an overabundance of male androgen hormones, the amount of which is directly related to the presence of hair on the head. Of course, it is difficult to exclude such a reason completely, but trichologists use complex methods to achieve the maximum possible restoration of hair. Now only external influence is indispensable, and taking vitamin preparations will not help.

Hormone therapy contributes to the preservation of femininity and women’s health. But often it does not improve the condition of the hair, affecting exclusively the internal organs and systems.

The best remedy for baldness can still be called prevention. Knowing that changes are already taking place in the body in order to stop their influence, we should:

to refuse from bad habits;
whenever possible, reduce the impact of stressful situations;
review the list of medications taken, of course, together with the attending doctor, since some of them may indirectly affect the condition of the locks;
regularly undergo a full examination, as hair loss may indicate the development of even more serious diseases, such as tumors;
care of the strands should be of the highest quality and competent, you need to often “feed” hair with vitamins; To do this, use the complexes in ampoules and rub them into the scalp;
take a multivitamin complex with a sufficient content of vitamin D3, calcium, selenium;
organize a balanced, healthy and iodine-rich diet.
It is not recommended to take any drugs for hair growth. It is important to timely diagnose and consult a doctor, only then it will be enough to stop even intensive hair loss.


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