Those who regularly take their hairs from the bath after bathing are interested in the question: how much hair should be lost when washing the head? In general, this process is considered natural, because the rods break under mechanical action, wear out, age, giving way to new growing hair. But there are always a lot of factors that can aggravate the problem, and then in reality a person has hair that is much more than the norm.

Normal volume of hair loss
It is almost impossible to establish the volume of hairs falling out after shampooing absolutely accurately. Much depends on the characteristics of metabolism, the rate of cell renewal, blood circulation: those factors that affect the rate of update strands. Complicated situation of the endocrine system diseases, any abnormalities in the body, stressful situations, as well as an unhealthy condition of the scalp. For example, patients with thyroid disease can lose several hundred hair shafts a day, and this will be the norm for them.

The rate of hair loss during shampooing is about a hundred units per day. Such a number is usually voiced by trichologists. Of course, the figure is conditional and depends on individual characteristics. In addition, experts recommend paying attention to how actively the strands grow, and do not fall out, since this indicator indicates the health of the hair and scalp.

It is also important to evaluate the fallen hair: if it has a thickening at the tip, then this means that the rod fell out along with the root. Such hair should be a bit. Without such thickenings only broken rods fall. This is only due to mechanical damage, the reasons for which are obvious:

sharp combing tangled strands;
drying under the influence of thermosetting;
tight braids or tails, etc.

Such hairs may not fall out immediately, namely during the washing of the head, when the curls open and are massaged. Regardless of how badly the strands fall out, it is important to choose the means aimed at a specific cause: the elimination of fragility or the strengthening of the follicles in the scalp.

Mechanically damaged hairs will continue to fall out, but those that are destined to leave their place in the scalp because of their age are strongly visible in the bathroom only when they are not regularly washed. Their number is limited, so hair loss when washing the head will periodically decrease. If this process is invariably intense, you may be at risk of baldness, so it’s time to sound the alarm and take action.

Hair counting
Of course, it is impossible to calculate the exact number of hairs. In order to determine how much hair falls out, it is necessary not to wash your head at all for several days. For a couple of days, you should count the units remaining on the pillow, clothes, comb. At the same time, it is necessary to determine whether the hair has root or just broken.

Thus, on average, the number of lost hairs should not exceed 100–150 pieces. If the amount is higher than specified, and the hair falls out more intensively during washing, you should ask for help.

If baldness threatens
If hair falls out during shampooing, what to do is a question that arises first. Whether or not many strands remain on the comb or in the bathroom can be calculated as described above. If the result is still unpleasant and alarming, you should evaluate the possible causes:

stressful and any other situations that cause sharp fluctuations in the work of the nervous system;
infectious or viral-induced diseases;
abnormalities in the endocrine system;
itching in the scalp;
violation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands;
changes in hormonal levels.
Some factors are temporary, and with their elimination the growth of new hairs is restored. If the disease is chronic or affects the whole body, if the disturbances are caused by irreversible changes, you should contact the trichologist. We will have to undergo an examination and pass a whole range of tests, only then it will be possible to determine the best method of treatment.

In addition, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a follicle at the tip of the hair shaft. If you are thinking about why when washing your hair, hair falls out due to brittleness, give up the excess thermosetting, pick up firming and restoring shampoos and balms, masks to restore hair structure. Then you will not need the help of the trichologist at all, since such a problem can be solved with ordinary store tools and homemade masks.


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