Sesame oil for hair is one of those tools that has been used by Asian beauties from century to century. Delighted reviews leave and modern women when using cosmetics with this ingredient.
Get natural and healthy sesame oil, also known as “sesame”.

The use of sesame oil in cosmetology includes hair care. All the positive properties of such procedures are manifested due to the unique composition of the product.

Sesame seeds are almost 60% composed of natural oils and therefore their shelf life is limited. But this does not apply to the oil made from the plant, all its medicinal and cosmetic properties are maintained for about 8 years.

Beneficial features
Sesame oil in the care of problem hair is used in different variations, but in any case, its application allows to achieve impressive results. The healing properties of the oil are explained by those chemical elements that are part of its main composition.

Sesame seed oil consists of fatty acids unsaturated and beneficial to the skin, vitamins and trace elements, the group of which includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron. All the properties of these elements in the external use of oil help to change the condition of the hair for the better.

Sesame oil is also a rare antioxidant found in sesame oil. It is thanks to him that the processes of cell regeneration are enhanced and the aging of the organism is prevented. Sesamol provides and long shelf life of the product.

Home Care Rules
The healing properties of sesame oil are universal: it can be used with any type of hair. The most important thing is to choose the right composition. Any hair mask based on natural sesame oil helps to enhance their growth, moisturizes and increases the nutrition of the bulbs. Especially necessary is the use of sesame oil to solve such hair problems as:

dry hair;
damaged hair structure after chemical perms;
the presence of irritation on the scalp;
excess fat formation.
Regular and proper use of sesame-based oil masks makes hair soft, silky, removes greasy shine and dandruff. Antioxidants in its composition do not allow the cells to age prematurely, and this ensures the density of the hairstyle, the strength of the curls, prevents the appearance of gray hair, allows to achieve the desired growth of strands.

Especially the use of sesame oil is necessary in the summer. All useful components of the product, penetrating into the hair, prevent overdrying, create protection from ultraviolet radiation and hot air. Preserves sesame oil and our hair from exposure to chlorinated water in the pool or salt in the sea.

Sesame oil for hair is quite simple to use, all the beneficial properties of the product appear after just a few sessions. The use of sesame seed oil is possible in its pure form. For this you need the following.

Apply a small amount of oil on the scalp, rub well and spread it over all strands using a normal comb.
If you want to achieve rapid growth, moisturize the driest hair, or increase their silkiness, then sesame oil can be left on the hair for the whole night. Pre-worn warming cap.
Wash off the oil with shampoo. Additionally, the use of rinse with the addition of lemon juice.
Shampoos, balms with the addition of sesame oil have also earned positive reviews as effective hair care products. Before you wash your hair, it is enough to add a few drops of oil to the required amount of detergent for washing.

You can buy sesame oil in most pharmacies, it is cheap. You will receive full hair care if you use hair masks with sesame oil or the product itself in its pure form regularly.

Under the influence of the unique properties of the oil, the hair becomes soft and silky, almost does not react to bad weather conditions and improperly chosen cosmetics.


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