The hair of modern beauties constantly suffer from the effects of styling products, chemical perms, coloring and hot temperatures during styling. To reduce the negative effects of these factors will help mask for dry, bleached, dyed, split and brittle hair. This tool is effective and at the same time safely cope with many troubles, while its preparation at home will not require a lot of time and money from you.

The best ingredients for masks
Means against dryness and brittle hair, prepared at home, will act effectively if you responsibly choose their components, because not every product can cure and restore strands. Many of the products we are used to have the regeneration properties of damaged and brittle hair.

Fermented milk products (kefir, sour milk, sour milk) strengthen the hair roots, restore their broken structure, protect from the influence of external factors; In addition, the kefir mask helps to return the natural shine to the curls.
Honey has the ability to revitalize dry hair and get rid of split ends, gives the strands a magical shine.
Eggs have very good reviews among cosmetologists, as it acts on damaged hair along its entire length. Masks with an egg help rid hair of brittleness and split ends that appear as a result of beriberi.

Cosmetic oils ( castor , olive, grape seed, almond, apricot) effectively restore hair, smoothing out all injuries from the inside and outside, preventing the appearance of split ends.
Essential oils (geraniums, juniper, chamomile, rosemary, lavender, jasmine) increase the elasticity and strength of hair, effectively act against their fragility, loss, dryness, help the cells of the scalp to be updated faster.
Herbal decoctions (chamomile, burdock root, birch, and coltsfoot) have the best effect compared with other means for dry and damaged hair, which can be used at home.
Proper use of home remedies
To eliminate dryness and brittle hair, it is not enough to choose the ingredients of a therapeutic prescription. To achieve the desired result and avoid possible difficulties, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for applying masks made at home.

In preparing the composition, strictly adhere to the recipe and the indicated dosages.
Check the skin’s reaction to the components of the mask: apply a drop on the inner fold of the elbow, wash it off after 30 minutes and evaluate the result within 24 hours. If there is any manifestation of allergy (rash, burning, redness), another treatment will have to be used to treat brittle and dry hair.
Before applying the mask, wash your hair and leave it a little wet.

Rub the prepared mixture into the scalp, and after a 5-minute massage, smear the strands of the mask to the tips with the remnants of the mask.
To prevent the long strands from interfering, pin them on the back of your head.
Components of masks against brittle and split ends work better in heat, so you have to wrap your head. First cover the hair with a plastic bag, and then make a turban of a terry towel.
Masks for brittle hair should be washed off after 30-40 minutes.
In order to remove all components of the mixture from the strands, use water acidified with lemon (200 ml of juice for 1 liter of water). Wash off the oil mask using a regular shampoo. It needs to be whipped on the head in foam along with the medical composition, and only then thoroughly wash the strands.
Means prepared at home for dry, brittle and dyed hair can be used 2 times a week.
The best effect can be achieved by conducting approximately 15 procedures.
Selected Recipes
By choosing the right recipe for damaged hair and applying a mask in accordance with the rules, you can achieve amazing results.

With kefir
Kefir mask for split and dry hair is prepared as follows: beat 50 g of kefir with yolk. There also add 15 ml of slightly warmed burdock oil.
With yogurt
Mask with yogurt is effective against brittle hair. Beat the egg and mix it with 200 ml of yogurt. Add 25 g of oatmeal.
With honey
For a brittle, bleached or dull strands, you can make a honey mask. Take 1 teaspoonful of honey, colorless henna, burdock oil, beaten yolk, brandy. All mix, apply on hair.
With an egg A
mask with an egg is useful for colored hair. Add 18 ml of castor and burdock oil to the beaten egg. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and pour 15 ml into the mask.
With herbs
For a very damaged and brittle hair, you can make a herbal mask. Mix 15 g of linden flowers, chamomile, nettle leaves. Boil them with 200 ml of boiling water, strain after 30 minutes. Strengthen the composition of liquid vitamins A, E, B1 (3 drops).
With oils The
oil composition is suitable for the treatment of split or dry ends, which are also often lifeless and brittle. Take almond oil as a base (15 ml). Heat it slightly in a water bath and mix with lavender aroma oil (7 drops).
By performing these procedures regularly, you will forget about split ends, dry strands and brittleness. It is only important to start treatment as soon as possible and to have patience, because the result will not be instant.


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