How to use kerosene for hair treatment


The popularity of popular recipes for the care of curls is still surprising to educated doctors, but home remedies are used everywhere, because their effectiveness has been proven by many years of experience in use. Among those and kerosene for hair, the impact of which the disputes do not fade.

The effect of kerosene on hair

Doubts arise usually due to the fact that kerosene is a product of oil refining with the addition of shale, tar, peat. The result is liquid paraffin, which is used in various fields: from industry to cosmetology. Due to the special properties of this paraffin, according to reviews, effectively relieve a person from hair problems: from baldness, dryness and fragility. This is due to improved blood circulation in the scalp, as well as in the creation of a protective film around the hair shaft.

But the use of such an interesting tool requires caution, since the same properties of kerosene can lead to a burn. However, allergic reactions to such a product are not excluded. There are also contraindications to the use of kerosene:

  • can not be used before the age of 14, although this point is disputed by the opinions of many people who had faced pediculosis in childhood: when pharmacies could not offer a variety of means to kill odorless lice and the risk of skin irritation;
  • use is prohibited in the presence of blood diseases, difficulties with folding, which leads to increased bleeding;
  • Do not apply this tool on irritated scalp;
  • recently completed hair perming, coloring, especially in lighter colors are also contraindications.

Today, kerosene is often used to get rid of the loss of strands. The result is a general strengthening of the hair shaft and scalp along with the follicles, increased blood circulation, getting rid of microbial, bacterial infections and parasites. An additional effect is slight combing, the hair becomes obedient, not electrified.

Terms of Use and Recipes

Recipes for the use of kerosene in masks are quite simple. Any of the mixtures can significantly improve the state of curls from the first time.

  • The product is mixed with vegetable oil in equal parts and applied to the scalp for about 2 hours. Curls must be wrapped with a warm towel.
  • You can prepare a mixture with onion gruel or juice. Kerosene need to take twice as much juice. Such a mask not only prevents the existing strands from falling out, but also protects thin, brittle hair.
  • Split ends can also be healed with a mixture of kerosene with castor oil and hair conditioner. All components are taken in equal proportions: approximately 3 tbsp. l for application on medium strands.
  • Another mask for nourishing and restoring hair shafts and bulbs can be applied as a compound with kerosene. To prepare the mixture you need to mix the juice of one half of a lemon, a couple of egg yolks and a tablespoon of kerosene. With this mask, you need to hold a five-minute head massage, then wrap curls for a quarter of an hour, and then wash off with a shampoo.

The problem of hair loss can usually be solved in the simplest way: by rubbing kerosene into the scalp. Although it is often recommended to limit its application to the curls, so as not to cause severe irritation of the epidermis. But often such a reaction contributes to the activation of blood circulation.


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