The problem of lifeless and dry ends of hair bothers many girls. It can be solved with the help of a moisturizing mask, which, if you have a suitable recipe, can be made independently If you want to make your hair more elastic and strong, then such masks against dryness should be regularly used for preventive purposes

The dry ends of our strands become influenced by many negative factors. The roots of growing hair are constantly fed by the sebaceous secretion of the skin, but it does not always reach the tips, so they very quickly lose moisture. Often we are to blame for this: the use of irons, hair dryers, curling irons quickly deprives our hair of much-needed moisture. A certain influence on the appearance of dry and split ends also have adverse weather conditions or the wrong selection of cosmetics.

How to improve the condition of dry tips?
The problem of over-dried and split ends applies to owners of both dry and oily hair, so the recipes and methods of moisturizing the strands in both cases will be the same. The only difference is the method of applying the moisturizing mixture. For oily hair, it is recommended to apply the prepared mixture to the dry ends of the hair (about 3-4 cm) with your fingertips. When dry hair moisturizing mask is applied to the middle of the strands.

To effectively moisturize the dried ends of the hair, you can use different components of natural origin. But we must remember that in any case, the desired result will not appear immediately. If you want to achieve moisture in a shorter time – you will have to contact a specialist.

Moisturizing masks
The simplest moisturizing mask is prepared in just a few minutes, but its regular use will allow you to cope with the problem of split ends of both curly and straight strands. In order for the care to be complete, it is necessary to select quality ingredients, withstand the recipe and adhere to the application technique.

Oily The
problem of dry ends for any type of hair will help solve the oil mask to moisturize. It is necessary to mix olive and burdock in equal proportions, after which the mixture should be slightly warmed. Before the procedure, the hair should be divided into strands and carefully treated with an oil mixture each of them. It is recommended to twist the treated strands into flagella and cover them with foil on top. The mask is aged on the hair for at least one hour, and on strongly split hair to better moisturize the mixture should be left for the whole night. The problem of dry strands, thus, is solved in 4-5 sessions, which experts advise to do every other day.
Optimum moisturizing properties that allow to improve the appearance of too dry hair, has a mask prepared on the basis of wheat germ oil. It is very simple to apply it – it is necessary to moisten your palms with a means and process the tips well. This oil is perfectly absorbed, so it is not necessary to wash it off.
Exotic Avocado is considered a fruit that can normalize the water balance not only of the skin, but also of the hair. The optimal combination of vegetable fat and vitamin E in the pulp of this fruit provides effective protection against aggressive external factors. The mask for moisturizing split ends is made from the mashed pulp of ripe avocado, which is applied to the hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Above, you must wear a warming cap. The mask is aged for up to one hour, after which you need to wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

It is necessary to mix the oil solutions of vitamins A and E in equal proportion. The ends of curly split ends are soaked with this mixture, after which the strands must be twisted into flagella, wrapped in foil and washed off in an hour using shampoo.
Beauty hair along the entire length is easy to maintain with kefir or yogurt. Heated lactic acid drink should be spread over the tips of the curls and put on a film and a towel on top. After about 30 minutes, the hair must be rinsed well with shampoo. To give a beautiful shine they can be rinsed with water, acidified with lemon juice.
Two tablespoons of grated carrots are mixed with an equal amount of regular sunflower or olive oil. Prepared gruel need to process well the ends of the hair, after which the curls turn into a film. The dwell time of the mixture is half an hour. Wash it with shampoo.
To moisturize curly or straight dry hair, you can use honey. This natural product, rich in trace elements, is applied to the tips of the strands, both in pure form and in combination with other ingredients. For the treatment of overdried curls, a mixture of honey with egg yolk, lactic acid products, vegetable or essential oils is recommended. The prepared composition is applied under a warm cap for about half an hour. It is recommended to wash it off with shampoo.
Reviews of the use of moisturizing masks, prepared on the basis of natural products, confirm their high efficiency. With proper and regular care with home mixes, the problem of dry hair disappears forever. But in order to keep the curls shiny and elastic, it is necessary to continue using moisturizing masks for prophylactic purposes.


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