With the problem of hair section can face every woman. Solve it will help home repair mask for split ends. But the treatment process will be much more effective if you know for sure what caused the adverse change of curls.

Doctors trichologists explain the appearance of split ends or even hair along the entire length by the fact that the upper part of the hair is destroyed due to the thinning of the protective film. Gradually, the pathological process and goes to the inside, the hair begins to dim and break. Usually, the section captures only the ends, but on thin strands, a change in structure is often noted along the entire length.

The main causes of the section
Experts say that the main reason for the appearance of split ends is the constant negative impact on them. This applies, above all, perm, use of hair dryers and irons and frequent dyeing with low-quality paints. In second place for the negative impact on the hair are poor environmental conditions – urban smog large cities affects the condition of the hair is not the best way. This cosmetic defect is greatly enhanced by stress, poor diet, regular diets and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. If you do not pay proper attention to your hair, then sooner or later it threatens with serious problems with them. These include, in particular, the untidy appearance of the hairstyle, cross-section, and enhanced loss.

Split Hair Care
With the appearance of split ends, you need to switch to the use of special therapeutic agents. They must contain wheat germ, B vitamins, herbs and lecithin. However, the girls’ reviews confirm the fact that few well-known cosmetic preparations for hair have a proper therapeutic effect, even if their packaging contains all the positive effects in great detail. Acquire only those brands of shampoos and balms that you trust or have been advised by the trichologist. In addition, a few rules can help reduce the cross section of long, thin and greasy hair:

When combing use wooden combs with sparse and rounded teeth.
The cross section of the ends of the hair is reduced if they are cut at least once a month. Best for this salon procedure is suitable trim hot scissors.
Masks for split ends are a prerequisite for restoring the natural structure of curls.

Masks for split ends may contain ingredients that are suitable for thin, dry or oily hair – be aware of your type when choosing. Properly chosen mask from split ends nourishes the curls, relieves oily shine, moisturizes and helps to make them completely healthy and attractive.

Homemade Mask Recipes
Many women prefer to use self-made masks for split ends of hair and strands along the entire length. This is quite reasonable – after all, only natural components are included in such compositions. This means that there will be no harm from them, and the process of complete restoration of curls will be quite fast. Most experts agree with this opinion. Moreover, products for masks from split ends can be found, if not in your own kitchen, then in the nearest grocery store. Simple folk recipes based on one ingredient are successfully used to get rid of the hair section, but there are also multi-component household formulations designed to solve several problems at once.

With burdock oil
The most popular folk remedies are warm oil compresses, and more often burdock oil is used. A small amount of oil is heated and rubbed into the hair roots and into the strands themselves along the entire length. Special attention should be paid to the ends. Then you need to wrap the head for 30 minutes, and then rinse off the agent with regular shampoo. The recovery process will be more effective if after a mask for split ends of burdock oil to use lemon or herbal rinse.
With brandy and henna
It is necessary to mix brandy, honey, henna powder in equal proportions, then add one chicken yolk to this mixture. Get a kind of cream against the cross-section of hair. It is distributed over the entire length of the strands, kept on the head for 30 minutes and washed off with shampoo. After this, it is advisable to rinse your head with a decoction of chamomile or nettle.
With sour milk
Simple homemade masks for the treatment of damaged hair can be prepared from sour milk. It is applied to the hair, a plastic bag is put on top and left for several hours. This method of recovery is recommended for oily hair.

With vitamins
If your hair is severely excised, you can make a mask using a pharmacy called Dimexide. This drug is valued for its powerful bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties and for the fact that its components enhance the delivery of all the beneficial substances to the skin cells and the hair itself. The best homemade recipes for split-end masks often contain Dimexide. You will need a spoonful of Dimexidum, the same amount of liquid vitamins E and A and two spoons of castor and burdock oils. All components are mixed immediately before use and distributed to the hair. The treatment process will be more effective if you keep this composition on the head under plastic wrap for several hours. This composition is universal – it can be used to restore dry, oily, thin and normal strands.
With peaches
Two ripe peaches should be kneaded into a mush, after which three spoons of milk and 5 drops of oregano essential oil are added to them. This mask for splitting hair is applied for half an hour and washed off with shampoo and herbal rinse. It can be used for the treatment of both fat and dry strands.
With herbs and cream
For the treatment of excised fine hair, the following recipe works best. You need to take 8 leaves of currants and raspberries and 4 leaves of mint and grind them into a green gruel. About 10 ml of cream and two tablespoons of dry starch are added to this mass. The prepared mixture is distributed in strands, covered with foil and washed off after 40 minutes. If you need to restore the structure of oily hair, then instead of cream you can take fresh kefir low fat.
Split hair masks should be used regularly – at least once a week. Only in this case, care will bring results after a few procedures.


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