Olive oil for hair is one of the most effective oils used in home cosmetology. Its benefit is manifested both when used in pure form, and when used in masks.

The use of olive oil for hair care began many hundreds of years ago. Even then, it was noticed that this natural product perfectly moisturizes the strands and creates a thin, but rather strong protective film on them. Olive oil has been successfully used against the loss of curls, to strengthen thin strands, to reduce fat content.

Currently, olive oil is used to treat dyed and weak hair with split ends. You can be convinced of the effectiveness of this affordable product by looking at the photos and videos made by the girls, who recorded each step, making hair masks with olive oil. The benefits of olive oil are also confirmed by reviews of women who have replaced expensive salon preparations with olive oil.

Olive oil benefits
Olive oil is primarily used to restore very dry hair with split ends. Under its influence there is a natural moistening of damaged strands, and the result of such care lasts for a long time. Olive oil for dry hair is especially good to use in a dry and hot climate – it serves as an excellent protection against the effects of aggressive ultraviolet radiation.

In order to improve the structure of split ends, you need to put oil on them once a week, cover the hair with polyethylene and rinse after 30 minutes. For this procedure, both refined and unrefined olive oil can be used. Cosmetologists also advise for moisturizing and treating split ends before each head wash (in about one hour) to comb hair, spreading oil over it using a comb made from natural materials.

Olive oil can be used to strengthen and treat fatty strands, both dyed and unstained. But for this it needs to be diluted with ordinary vodka in a ratio of 1: 1. After washing it is recommended to rinse the hair with water with grape or apple cider vinegar.

Olive oil for hair has another important property – it softens wonderfully. As a result, even the most hard and dry curls become obedient. It is enough to rub a small amount of heated oil into them, not forgetting about the scalp, and after half an hour wash it off with water. You can also use olive oil to restore the structure and enhance the growth of dyed hair.

The use of oil in the composition of masks
Unrefined or refined olive oil can be found at any grocery store, but you only need to choose a quality product. It can be used in the composition of masks or as an independent means for the treatment of split strands, to restore dyed or damaged by frequent and careless hair curls. Regular care stimulates the growth of curls, and dry hair looks moisturized from root to tip. Treatment of hair with olive oil is effective regardless of their type, you just have to choose a recipe, the action of which is aimed at solving exactly your problem.

With honey
Refined olive oil for hair (0.5 cups) should be mixed with an equal amount of liquefied honey, after which one fresh egg is added to this mixture. The resulting mixture must be rubbed into the hair roots and rinse after half an hour. This mask allows you to achieve strengthening and growth of the strands, it is often used to treat colored hair and against the excessive fragility of split ends. It should be done up to two times a week during the month.
With an egg
Five spoons of refined oil should be mixed with two fresh eggs. The prepared composition is rubbed into the roots and distributed over the entire length. Top need to wear a warming cap. Wash your hair in 15-30 minutes. This mask is effective against strong hair loss of any type.

With lavender
It will take one cup of dried lavender flowers and olive oil. Two cups of oil should be poured into a saucepan and heated slightly on the stove. Then lavender is added to it. The whole mixture is boiled for 30 minutes. After cooling, the liquid is filtered and poured into a glass container that needs to be stored in the refrigerator. This enriched olive oil can be used to restore split ends. Once a week before bedtime, it is applied to the tips, and in the morning it is washed off. And if you rub lavender oil in the hair roots – their growth will noticeably increase.
With milk
Olive oil for hair, mixed with milk and banana, adds luxurious shine to the strands, improves growth processes and softens them well, making it easier to comb and fold. Five tablespoons of refined butter should be mixed with three tablespoons of warm milk, the same amount of liquefied honey, mashed banana and one raw egg. The prepared composition should be gently rubbed into the scalp and spread through the hair. Thirty minutes later, the mixture is washed off.
Olive oil is a relatively inexpensive remedy, which, however, is appreciated by many girls. The results of its use are confirmed by photos taken before and after using this natural gift. If you want to achieve rapid growth, shine, beauty and softness of your curls, then olive oil should “settle” in your kitchen or bathroom forever.


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