Organic shampoos for hair allow you to more carefully care for curls that are already daily exposed to a large number of negative factors. Such tools do not incorporate aggressive components, therefore, gently affect the curls.

Composition and properties of organic products
Modern hair cosmetics often contain harmful ingredients that can dry the strands, cause dandruff and itching. The composition of organic shampoos is close to natural, therefore, on the contrary, it allows to get rid of these problems. However, many women who use conventional means for a long time, after switching to organic, note that the appearance of the hairstyle only worsens. This can be explained by the fact that getting hair to natural cosmetics takes time.

How to distinguish organic shampoo from non-natural? First of all it is necessary to pay attention to its composition. Important recommendations:

organic shampoo should not contain substances such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Fragrance, DMDN Hydantion (parabens, refined products, non-natural dyes;
the washing basis of organic shampoo can be lauryl glucoside, magnesium laureth sulfate, sodium cocoyl; it is only important that sodium lauryl sulfate is absent in it – one of the most dangerous compounds for the body;
the ingredients on the package are indicated by quantitative descending, therefore, in the first place in the composition of natural shampoos should be placed plant extracts, essential oils, herbal teas
The consistency and foaming of organic shampoo will be lower than that of a conventional product.

You can also determine the naturalness of the shampoo by the presence of a special certificate. There are organizations that issue confirmation of compliance with the standards of organic cosmetics. These include, for example:

Top 4 best shampoos
Natural shampoos can be purchased at pharmacies, stores, specializing in the sale of such cosmetics, as well as on the relevant Internet sites. Some funds from Russian manufacturers can be found in supermarkets. Below is a detailed description of the best organic shampoos.

Avalon Organics

This shampoo, manufactured in the United States, occupies a leading position in the market of natural cosmetics. It contains lavender, rosemary extracts, several oils, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C. Some organic products of this series are enriched with biotin, vitamin E, extracts of other plants. Due to this composition, shampoos thicken the hair, strengthen the roots, make the hair more volume, clean the scalp. Avalon Organics series products have the lightest aroma of herbs with hints of citrus.

The manufacturer claims that with regular use of shampoo hair gets rid of greasiness, and shampooing is required less and less. However, reviews of some consumers indicate that a positive effect is observed only with the first use of the product. Women note that with constant shampooing in this series, the strands become hard and tangled, the scalp starts to itch, and the hairs fall out.

Desert essence

This series of organic cosmetics also produced by American experts. As part of the shampoo in addition to the traditional ingredients for natural remedies there is coconut oil. This component helps to make hair softer, moisturized. The shampoo in this series is notable for the delicious aroma of tropical fruits.

According to women who have tried Desert Essence organic hair products, they don’t bring the expected result, the strands only dry and tangle. The majority notes only a heavenly smell, saying that the shampoo does not have any particular effect.

Natura Siberica

This series of organic hair care products first appeared on the Russian market. In the composition of cosmetics extracts of medicinal plants of Siberia. Especially consumers of sea buckthorn-based hair products are valued by consumers.

Natura Siberica shampoos relieve the scalp of excessive greasiness and dandruff, strengthen hair shafts, nourish the bulbs, prevent baldness and enhance the growth of new hairs. In addition, the products have an optimal consistency and a pleasant smell. Reviews of women confirm that shampoo is consumed sparingly, carefully unravels hair, refreshes strands and scalp for a long time.

“Recipes grandmother Agafi”

This series of organic products is not accidentally hit the list of the best. According to legend, the composition of shampoos is based on the recipes of Siberian herbalist Agafi Ermakova, who used only natural ingredients: yolks, honey, oils, herbs. And indeed, some products, such as Traditional Siberian Shampoo number 2, are organic. Its composition is based on birch propolis, nettle extract and heather essential oil are also present. The tool quickly restores brittle hair and makes the scalp healthy, does not dry the ends, does not cause allergies.

Some shampoos that are considered organic still contain aggressive ingredients. To purchase a truly natural remedy, before buying it is necessary to study its composition on the label.


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