What to do if hair falls out after childbirth?


Why does hair fall out
When and how to be examined
Vitamins for hair loss
How to speed hair restoration
How to strengthen strands
Many young mothers notice how immediately after birth the hair begins to fall out intensively; what to do so as not to lose all the hair, and is it worth it to panic? Of course, most mothers in labor face this problem, but in what cases baldness stops on its own, and when it is worth contacting a doctor to restore the strands, no one can foresee unequivocally.

Why does hair fall out
Why do young mothers lose hair? Scientists have long discovered that various factors influence the condition of the hair shaft and follicle:

hormonal changes;
lack of vitamins and minerals, in particular calcium and iron, which the body spends on the development of the fetus;
pressure reduction;
the use of anesthesia for cesarean section;
taking any other drugs to restore the body after childbirth.
As a rule, hair loss after childbirth is a natural process, it does not last very long. As soon as the nutrition of the nursing woman is restored, as well as the sleep and daily regimen, hormones return to normal, the hairs immediately stop falling out. But women in labor begin to panic as soon as they see the results of hair loss, so it is better to take measures in advance to prevent losses.

When and how to be examined
Usually, improvement is noted during the first year after the baby is born. But if the strands fall out during this time is still strong, it is necessary to undergo treatment, which the doctor will prescribe after an appropriate examination.

The first blood test for hormonal status. Further, it is recommended to be examined by an endocrinologist, since failures in the thyroid gland also cause severe hair loss. After detailed research, doctors can prescribe the necessary treatment or prescribe a vitamin complex if serious problems are not observed.

Vitamins for hair loss
Most often, doctors trichologists recommend women in labor to drink vitamins for pregnant women. These include the following.

Vitrum Prenatal: about 10 minerals and 13 vitamins are included in this complex. Vitamin nutrition helps to reduce the loss of strands after childbirth.
Eleven Prenatal: not less saturated composition of the drug allows you to fully provide the body of both pregnant and women after childbirth with necessary elements.
Ferretab: it must be taken to fight anemia, which is caused by a lack of iron, which also leads to baldness.
How to speed hair restoration
To figure out how to stop hair loss after giving birth, you need to understand why this happens. If there are no serious health problems, and there is no need to treat the roots and rods, then the hairs will recover after some time. However, they can be helped.

It is necessary to monitor your diet, not only during pregnancy and after childbirth, but throughout life. Not one vitamin complex compensates for the lack of healthy food, because it contains not only healthy minerals, but also fiber, flavonoids, salts, carbohydrates and proteins – all this must be obtained from natural and safe products. Such food provides the body with the necessary substances for cell growth and division, for their normal development, for effective work of the immune and other systems. A healthy diet also helps to strengthen hair, the treatment of which from falling out begins with the choice of high-quality food.
An effective measure to strengthen the strands is a head massage. In addition to being a pleasant procedure in itself, it helps to increase blood circulation in the skin, stimulating the growth and nourishment of the roots. You can massage your head with special devices, or just with your fingers.
To wash your hair should also always always, and not only after childbirth. For this, distilled water is used with the addition of ammonia and lemon juice from half citrus. Do not use hot water. After the procedure, do not wipe the curls, just get them wet. While the strands are falling out strongly, you do not need to use a hair dryer so as not to aggravate the problem.

How to strengthen strands
When hair falls out intensively, many turn first to popular methods of strengthening hair shafts and roots. It should be understood that they will be really effective only if women do not have serious health problems. When the causes are associated with disorders and diseases in the body, any folk remedy will be only support, but not treatment. Moreover, you should carefully choose the means after childbirth: during breastfeeding.

You can use the following folk recipes.

It is recommended to use egg yolk instead of shampoo. The longer the curls, the more eggs you may need. Such care for the strands is considered very effective, because the yolks contain lecithin, which eliminates breakage, improves the structure of the rod.
Together with the yolk often use castor or olive oil. On one yolk take only one tablespoon of vegetable fat. For better nutrition and efficiency, vitamins A and E are added to the mixture. This mask is often used to treat the strands after delivery, and is applied for an hour. It is necessary to do the procedure regularly, but not more often than once in 7 days. Reviews claim that even one application can significantly change the state of curls.
It is recommended to make masks from onion peel. For the preparation of a mixture of cleaning onions pour boiling water, insist for an hour, and then wash curls with a ready broth. This tool is considered to be very effective, as it helps each of the women to fight the aging process. The disadvantage of this mask is the slight staining of the strands and the possible smell from the hair when the hair gets wet. Instead of onion peel, you can take the juice of this root. Chopped onions are applied to the head for a third of an hour. But this should not be done in any case if there is dandruff and any irritation on the skin.
A day later, rubbing a decoction of leaves and burdock roots into the scalp. It is necessary to dry the strands in a natural way, as is recommended after delivery, so as not to make the hair brittle.

Another effective remedy for hair loss is burdock oil. It can be applied directly to the strands or added to different masks. But it has a number of features in the application:

use heated oil only;
Apply the product exclusively to the hair roots, but it is washed out very difficult;
the usual question when choosing an effective remedy after childbirth and in general: how long should you keep the mask on the curls? In this case, the time of exposure to the scalp reaches two hours, but still it is necessary to take into account the composition of the mask: for example, pepper tinctures cannot be kept for more than 1 hour;
apply oil every 3-4 days, no more.
The effectiveness of each of the hair treatment methods depends on many factors, especially after childbirth, why you need to first determine the main problem: is it only hormonal changes that occur due to pregnancy and lactation, or there are other reasons. Strong loss requires examination and selection of appropriate drugs. When the condition of the hair begins to gradually improve, many of the women are treated with folk remedies, high-quality shampoos, careful care and proper nutrition.



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