Pregnancy is an amazing period in the life of a woman, associated both with pleasant and new sensations, and with negative changes in the body, the consequences of which have to be eliminated over time. Among those – the loss of whole strands as a result of hormonal disorders, which causes expectant mothers to seek the answer to the question of what to do if hair falls out during pregnancy.

First of all, doctors recommend not to panic and listen to recommendations for the care of your hair, because hair loss is a temporary phenomenon. As soon as the hormonal background is restored, the hairstyle will become the same as it was before pregnancy, and maybe even better.

Causes of hair loss
The main causes of hair loss are exacerbated during the childbirth. These are nervous tension and stresses, the attitude towards which during pregnancy changes significantly. Such reasons also include changes in hormonal levels, lack of vitamins, endocrine system diseases, deterioration of the immune system. All this leads to the loss of whole strands, which can begin in the first trimester.

Strongly hairs fall out also because during gestation of a child due to hormonal changes they become thinner, brittle, and sometimes fat. Of course, this is all temporary, but the body and its locks should be maintained in such a difficult period.

There is another medically unconfirmed opinion that bearing girls entails greater losses. The reason for this is the fact that the male hormone is responsible for hair loss, which, when carrying boys, is spent on the formation of the reproductive system.

Doctors call the process of prolapse during pregnancy absolutely normal and physiological. But usually it is activated after birth. If the loss began before delivery, then you need to pay yourself a little attention.

Hair loss treatment
Trichologists do not recommend treating hair loss during pregnancy. Why? The answer is obvious: all the medications taken by the mother will somehow get into the body of an unformed baby. Moreover, you should not start a serious treatment in the early stages. It should only be attentive to your hair and care for them, as before. The key to reducing the loss of order will be other factors:

stress should be avoided;
need to walk more;
It is very important to take vitamin complexes;
need a lot of sleep and rest well;
at the time of gestation should abandon the use of a hair dryer and styling products.
The main direction of hair care is internal and external nutrition. First of all, you need to carefully consider your diet. It is important to eat not much, but balanced. The menu should be rich in vitamins and microelements, which are necessary not only for the growing fetus, but also for the mother’s body. What to do if you can not eat diverse? You need to take vitamin preparations. It is not necessary to select complexes independently, if you really do not have enough minerals, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Whatever the causes of hair loss in addition to pregnancy, you should definitely make masks and use special shampoos. It is important to choose quality products, as cheap cosmetics can only worsen the condition of the strands. Optimally prepare masks from natural products.

Effective masks
Homemade fallout masks can be made from different products. For their preparation they use rye bread, henna, chicken eggs, olive oil, decoctions of herbs, bitter pepper, lemon juice, honey, brewer’s yeast. Try the following recipes.

Bread mask is made from ordinary water, in which rye loaf is soaked.
Henna is combined with kefir to sour cream thickness. Vitamin B6 can be added to this mix.
When the hair does not fall out very much, you can use a rather popular recipe: one yolk is mixed with one teaspoon of any vegetable oil that can be replaced with castor oil. About 60 ml of strong alcoholic drink is added to the mixture.
Any masks are applied on time from 30 to 120 minutes. If liquid or decoction is used, they are rubbed into the scalp to nourish and strengthen the hair roots.

The use of simple recipes during pregnancy at least once a week will keep luxurious curls and reduce losses to a minimum. Although it is important to tune in to the fact that the hairs will continue to fall out anyway, but with proper care this will not be so critical. If the situation gets out of control, it is advisable to discuss the problem with the trichologist or endocrinologist.


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